Startup Technical Services

  • Startup Business Consulting
  • MVP Development

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Whether you are at the seed stage, expansion stage, or growing into a small business, we can help you innovate, validate, build and scale your products.
Our experience includes working and catering startup IT services as tech partners with several tech startups transitioning from an idea through funding to a successful product. Our expertise includes but not limited:

  • Startup Tech Consulting/Ideation
  • Startup MVP development
  • Startup Product Development
  • Remote Developers and team

Startup Business Consulting Services

Business development is as important as technology. Lack of market demand, insufficient funds, disharmony in the team, worry about competition, wrong pricing, ignoring customers’ needs, wrong business model, poor marketing, lack of passion and legal challenges are 10 main reasons startups fail. You can see that the majority of the reasons are related to business development. We help to avoid those mistakes.

Startup Business Consulting

We help startups to avoid failure by providing all the consulting services needed: from market research and competitive analysis to business plan and financial model. We also help to create amazing pitch decks and raise money. We make sure that you have everything in place that will help your startup to thrive from idea to investment, product market fit and exit.

MVP Development

We provide end-to-end MVP development services that will work on your product from ideation to delivery and support. We design an MVP to be later shaped into a full-fledged product, so the use of Agile practices helps us work fast, producing stable and flexible code. We helped many startups to grow from idea to product and exit. We have a very flexible pricing model for this: we accept both full payment as well as a discount for equity.

HR services for startups

Human resources and the team are crucial for getting investment and building the product you want. We helped many startups as well as big corporations to find the best candidates for joining their team: both technical and business.

What industries do you have experience with

We have developed MVPs for many industries such as legal tech, healthcare, fintech, saas software, adtech, edtech, marketplaces, hospitality, real estate, social networks, biotech, etc. We prefer startups that use AI and Machine Learning for solving huge problems, however work with others too.

Beyond MVP

When the MVP is done and the startup has enough investment, customers and traction, we help startups to turn their MVPs into products. We do it outsourcing, outstaffing or by helping to create an in-house team.