We are your best partner in developing AI and Software solutions.

We are a team of software, hardware developers and AI professionals with many years of experience and helped hundreds of businesses to solve their problems. Our solutions helped our customers to raise and earn millions of USD.

We focus on 3 main areas:

  • AI, Big Data and Machine Learning
  • Software and Hardware Development
  • Startup and MVP Services

AI, Big Data and Machine Learning

  • Computer Vision
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Business intelligence
  • Deep Learning

Software and Hardware Development

  • Full-Stack Development
  • Mobile App Development
  • ASIC, PCB and FPGA
  • UI/UX Design

Startup Services

  • Market Research
  • Business Plan
  • MVP Development
  • Fundraising and pitch deck

Our Story

How we started and what we have reached


Started the Company



Reached 100+ Customers



Added More Services



Customers Raised and Earned Millions of USD


Our Skill

We provide a wide range of development services: from Data Science, Machine Learning, Business Intelligence and AI to Full-Stack and Mobile development. We are masters in Big Data, AI and Machine Learning.

Our technical skills include: Python, Javascript, Go, Java, Spring Boot, Gradle, Node.js, Angular, Tensorflow, Keras, NumPy, Serverless Frameworks, Docker, Terraform, Ansible, Kubernetes, Jenkins, Spinnaker, GitOps, DataOps, AWS. GCP, Azure, JAMstack, GraphQL, MEAN Stack, React, Redux, ES6, Express, MongoDB, Redis, Linux, Etcd, Consul, Kinesis, Redshift, DynamoDB, Spark, Hadoop, Kafka, PostgreSQL, MySQL, ELK, Sass, Webpack, Gulp, Git, Ethereum, Solidity, OpenZeppelin, Truffle, Flask, and Django.

Computer Vision100%
Natural Language Processing100%
Software Development100%
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