Machine Learning and AI

  • A team of AI and ML Engineers with scientific background
  • A team of 15 annotators who have worked in various data annotation tasks

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We are a team of Data Science and Machine Learning Engineers specialising in Computer Vision and NLP. Since we have a scientific background we not only use existing models, but can also implement new architectures and approaches from the scientific papers. We developed AI models, MVPs and products in medtech, legal tech, fintech, real estate, travel tech, cctv, etc, including doing annotation when needed. We have a team of 20 annotators who have worked on various data annotation tasks. They helped my customers to raise and earn millions of USD investments.

Our Artificial Intelligence and ML services

We are Data Science, AI, Machine Learning and Data Engineers with over 7+ years of professional experience building Ai models at any scale. We used to work at large companies as well as in many successful startups. We are proficient in:
Data Science and Machine Learning:

  • Classification and regression tasks
  • Time-series prediction (ARIMA, ...)

As well as Computer Vision, Natural Language processing, etc.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

NLP is one of our focuses. We will help you with

  • Text classification (including Sentiment Analysis, Aspect-Based Sentiment Analysis)
  • Named Entity Recognition (NER, automatic extraction of relevant entities, like names, locations, dates, etc)
  • Chat-Bots (Deep Learning or Rule-Based chat-bots for various domains)

Computer Vision (CV)

Another key area we specialise in is Computer Vision. We offer

  • Image Classification
  • Object Detection (YoLo)
  • Instance segmentation / Semantic Segmentation (Mask R-CNN)
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and more.

What frameworks, annotation platforms, architectures do you use for NLP?

Frameworks: SpaCy, HuggingFace, Transformers, NLTK, etc.
Annotation platforms: Doccano, ProdiGy, Clarifai
Architectures: BERT, LongFormer, GPT-3
Domains: MedTech, E-Commerce, HRM, AD-tech

What frameworks and annotation platforms do you use for NLP?

Frameworks: PyTorch, TensorFlow, Keras, DarkNet, Detectron, Detectron2,
Annotation platforms: CVAT, Clarifai

What domains have you worked in?

We have experience in MedTech, E-Commerce, HRM, AD-tech, Medical Imaging, CCTV (surveillance), NFT, LegalTech (document analysis) and many more.